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Stateless - A Film By Scott Erlinder


The Center for Black Diaspora will be screening "Stateless,“ a film by my colleague Scott Erlinder. The film will be followed by a discussion.

This is part of the year-long theme: "Migration and Citizenship: Issues and Debates.

On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 2:30 - 4:30 pm as part of the series, "Stateless" will be screened. Stateless is a film on Rwandan refugees and the United Nations Hight Commission for Refugees. The film has been given a case number (essentially a legal argument) by the UN and has now been accepted in 4 festivals - 2 of them international.

The event will be held on the Lincoln Park campus, in the Dorothy Day Room (400) John Richardson Library.

Update: Video is available online here.


The Rwanda Gambit - your chance to support the documentary


Scott Erlinder (Assistant Professor / Cinematography in DePaul’s School of Cinema and Interactive Media) is hitting a funding wall producing the documentary “The Rwanda Gambit.”

You can help out the filmmakers by either spreading the word of by supporting them financially. Scott has just created a site where you can make a contribution at:

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