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Panopto for Mac Update

FITS just shared this update with me. There is a bug in Panopto for Mac. On macOS Sierra (version 10.12), if Keynote Capture is checked, recordings will not successfully upload:

Whom does this bug affect?
Customers attempting to capture Keynote slides with Panopto for Mac on macOS Sierra. How do I resolve this issue?
Panopto Cloud customers should install the latest release of Panopto for Mac (v5.3.0), which is now available for download from your Panopto site. On-premises customers should contact Panopto Support to get the Panopto for Mac 5.3.0 installation files.


Panopto Tips

FITS shared these Panopto tips today

There are two ways to get access to Panopto in D2L:

    For method 1 there is a caveat. If you are using a custom navbar, the Panopto link will not be available. It is only in the navbar if you are using the Default Navbar.

    You can add an external link to Panopto in a module.To do this simply click on a module and in that module click on

    Add Existing Activities>External Learning Tools
    Then select Panopto Recordings
    The Panopto recordings link will be added to bottom of the module.
    Please also refer to this user guide which has a bit more information:


    Important Update For Mac OS X Sierra Panopto Users


    DePaul recently received this message from Panopto:

    We wanted to let you know about a bug in Panopto for Mac that occurs on macOS Sierra (version 10.12). Specifically, when users hide or minimize Panopto for Mac during a screen recording on macOS Sierra, Panopto stops recording the screen.

    What is the impact?
    Panopto will not record the screen while minimized or hidden on macOS Sierra.

    Are users running earlier versions of OS X affected?
    No. Users running Panopto for Mac on OS X 10.11 and earlier are not affected.

    How do I resolve this issue?
    Download and install the latest version of Panopto for Mac.

    Note: This version of Panopto for Mac does not display a live screen preview for macOS Sierra users, but the screen will be recorded (see image below). We are working with Apple on a change to restore live screen preview during screen capture recording.


    Panopto Announcement for Softchalk Users


    Information Services just sent out this email to Softchalk users here at DePaul:

    "As you may be aware, there is a project in progress to migrate from Ooyala to a new streaming media and video system called Panopto. Panopto is a video streaming and video content management software that is fully integrated with D2L and will allow you and your students to upload and manage video content files for classes directly within D2L. The self-service availability with Panopto’s D2L integration will streamline the process for uploading content for the courses you teach.

    If you have video content in your SoftChalk module and these modules exist in SoftChalk Cloud (e.g. they are not zipped up and unpacked in D2L), you will need to contact by September 1, 2016 to coordinate migration of your content. Fits staff will work with you to migrate the content into a space within Panopto and work with you to set the video permissions so your audiences can view them. Please note that a list of video titles will be needed in order to migrate the content.

    On September 30th 2016, the existing streaming media systems will be retired and will no longer be accessible. All necessary content must be migrated into Panopto prior to this date.

    If you have any questions about using Panopto in your class or if you want to provide students with the ability to upload video content, please contact for assistance."


    Panopto Instructions


    Panopto is the new video platform that has replaced Ooyala here at DePaul. It is a web-based tool that allows you to record, host, and share audio and video files. It is fully integrated with D2L. Both instructors and students have full access to Panopto.

    Instructions on adding Panopto to a D2L course and embedding videos have been shared through DePaul's Teaching Commons.


    Practical Lecture Capture In & Out of the Classroom

    Panopto is hosting a webinar on lecture capture on the 18th May. This sounds like an excellent webinar to join. Full details are below:

    Practical Lecture Capture . . . . In & Out of the Classroom

    5 Leading Experts from Across the United States Talk About More than A Dozen Effective Strategies For Lecture Capture

    “Hear from and talk to users of lecture capture to learn how their institutions, faculty and students are using Lecture Capture software to enable teaching and learning in any venue. Experts from across the United States participate in this Customer Experience Forum. More than 5 experts and many use cases are provided during this Forum. Institutions: Cal State; University of The Sciences; University of Colorado; Concordia; Suffolk.”

    • Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2011
    • Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Chicago Time)

    You can register here.
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