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Ooyala Global Video Index

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We use Ooyala to stream video for our web-enhanced, hybrid, and online courses. Ooyala publishes a quarterly Global Video Index. The report provides some insight on how video and television is changing.

The report can be viewed

Ooyala has summarized some key trends:

  • Tablet and smart phone video trends: Smartphone views made up 88% of mobile video views during the quarter, compared to just 12% for tablets.
  • Engagement patterns by device: Despite mobile growth, consumers still trend toward larger screens for longer content.
  • Long form video consumption: For content less than 10 minutes in length, mobile is still getting the lion’s share of time watched, at 69%. For content longer than 30 minutes, CTV’s share of time watched was 61%, almost doubling since Q1.
  • Spotlight on Europe: - The U.K. and Ireland are far ahead of the global mobile curve - Programmatic Trading Update: As with the prior two quarters, programmatic trading is cementing its place as a norm, not an exception, in video advertising.
  • Video ad trends: Tablets and smartphones made up nearly half (46%) of ad impressions across publishers, broadcasters and networks, combined, as PCs slid to 40% from 54% in Q1.

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