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Jeanne McIntosh

I have lived in the Chicago area for about seven years. I am originally from New York City and grew up in Teaneck, N.J. My husband Dace is from Springfield, IL. I come from a family of five girls, no boys. My husband Dace and I have been married for eight years. My stepson Dace is in 11th grade this year. He loves sports and hanging out with friends and is starting to think about college. Our son Deven is 2 1/2. He is very active and playful. He loves basketball and playing with water. He is learning to sing the ABC’s. Most of my time right now is divided between family and work. Family and extended family are very important to me. I try to go to the park or the children’s museum with Deven. DJ and I like to rent videos and talk. We work on homework too, which is not his favorite thing right now. My husband’s job takes him out of town often, so weekends together are really important to our family. For fun and relaxation I like gardening, reading, music, and going out to eat. I am running to get into shape and recently finished My first marathon!The Village Project is my main focus at work this year, although I also teach psychology classes at DePaul. It takes hard work and organization to run the project. I am lucky to work with a great team who really want to make a difference. The thing I work hardest at is trying to make the Village Project something that makes people want to be involved and that makes them feel cared about. That goes for the people who work with me as well as our community connections. The Village Project means a lot to me because it has brought me closer to so many people.

Aaron Lyon

I am the Project Coordinator for the Village Project. I am interested in how all facets of people’s lives are connected. I am a second year clinical-child psychology student with interests in family systems. In the future, I plan to work in a community setting with children and families-potentially coupled with systems research. I enjoy technology and the brewing beer.

Lauren Gaskill

I am originally from Boston, but have been living in Chicago for over 3 years. I love the food, entertainment, people, and summertime here in Chicago! My research interest is to understand and foster child and adolescent mental heath. I have been working with youth and their families for over 5 years.

Courtney Denise Bates

This is my first year working on the Village Project. I am a Chicago native-my family and I are from the Southside of the city. My grandmother and mom taught elementary school here in the city, and my dad went to DePaul 20 years ago. I love to read and when I have time, I like to listen to music, talk to friends and watch reality TV. I’m interested in working with children with disabilities in the future. I love meeting new people and am looking forward to this opportunity to meet new people and learn about Chicago.

Rodrigo Sebastián Torres

I am a graduate student in the clinical psychology doctoral program. I have a general interest in the concept of resilience and am interesting in exploring what is it that allows some people to do better than other when both are presented with the same challenge or difficulty. I am originally from Mexico City, but have lived in Chicago for a number of years. I have one older sister whose name is Alejandra-she use to boss me around when we were kids, but is less bossy now that we are adults. I am very proud of being a cancer survivor.

Kevin Dwyer

Hello, I was born and raised in Chicago. When I left in 2000 to attend the University of Dayton, in Ohio, I realized that I wanted to be back in Chicago. That is when I came to DePaul University. At DePaul I study Communications and when I graduate I plan to work towards my PhD in psychology. I began working with the Village Project in the spring of 2004 because I felt that the project has strong goals and the means to reach those goals.

Renee Arias

My name is Renee Arias. I just joined the Village Project this quarter as the Project Connect Intern. I am also a sophomore at DePaul working toward my undergraduate degree in psychology with a concentration on human development. I am excited to get started learning about the research process. I have three younger sisters, two of whom are twins and one at U of I in Champaign. I enjoy movies, dancing and shopping.

Tim Wateridge

I am Senior here at DePaul, not sure what I want to do in the way of graduate school yet. It changes week-to-week, Law School is leading the way right now. My family is from England but I grew up in the north burbs of Chicago. I could not imagining living in any other city.

Shannon Segalla

I started at DePaul last fall, making me the youngest of the Village Project members. I am intending on graduating with a double major in psychology and women and gender studies, but being only a freshman that can most certainly change. In the future I hope to create specialized psychological programs for young women in the military. In my free time I love to take photographs, run, watch films, and explore the city.

Christine Hill

Hi, my name is Christine and I am studying Elementary Education with a concentration in Psychology. I have moved eight times in my life, so for me home is wherever my family is currently living. I moved back to America from England, after finishing my A-Levels. Once I graduate I would like to teach for a year or two and then go to graduate school to study clinical psychology. I work as a nanny for twin 14-month old girls and volunteer as a sexual assault crisis counselor in Chicago emergency rooms. I am excited to be working with the Village Project.

Carmen Teague

I am a second year psychology major. I am from Maywood, which is a suburb of Chicago. I would like to get my MSW in clinical social work. I want to work mainly with urban youth. I work for a manufacture called Tootsie Toys and I mentor for DePaul’s STARS program. My favorite food is anything chocolate as long as there are NO NUTS!

Cynthia Alvea

I am a senior at DePaul with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. I was born and raised in Chicago. My future goal is a PhD in clinical (forensic) psychology and eventually to work with youth in the juvenile justice system. I love pizza! I enjoy dancing and music.






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