How DePaul University Does Incident Response

DePaul University is serious about computer and network security. When we discover a problem with one of our hosts or users, we respond quickly and appropriately. To demonstrate, we recently received the following email:

    From: Ray xxxxx 
    Subject: Illegal Port Scans
    Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 02:24:57 -0500

    Someone on your system,  IP address has continually port 
    scanned my computer tonight.  After the 15th scan I turned the computer 
    off.  See pictures below.  Please ask this fellow to stop doing this. 
     It is very annoying.   The scans took place from 4/17/02 1:34:38 AM EST
    to 1:45:12 AM of this same day.  I may report him to Federal authories.
    Ray xxxxx

The following pictures were attached to the email above:

The DePaul University incident response team located the user and dealt with him appropriately. We hate these low-life scum as much as anyone:

Last updated: April 17, 2002