Network Protocols (TDC 375 901) Spring 2014-2015
DePaul University, College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM)
Campus Map, Lewis Building 1514, Mondays, 5:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., March 30, 2015 to June 8, 2015

John Kristoff <>
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Tentative Office Hours (confirm first!):
  243 S. Wabash Ave., Room B13 (IORC lab)
  T/W/Th: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
  Internetwork with TCP/IP Volume One (6th Edition) Douglas E. Comer, ISBN-13: 978-0136085300 (CDM Assigned and Required Book) [errata]
  Interconnections: Bridges, Routers, Switches and Internetworking Protocols (2nd Edition), Radia Perlman, ISBN-13: 978-0201634488 (recommended)
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Official CDM Course Summary (TDC 375)
TDC 375-901 Syllabus
Bonus Project [txt]

March 30, 2015
   Introduction [pdf]
   By Example [pdf]
   TCP/IP Overview [pdf]
   DVMRP Ask Neighbors2: an IGMP-based DDoS/leak threat [pdf]
   Homework 01 [txt]
   Quiz 01 [txt]

Apri 6, 2015
   Unwanted Traffic Removal Service (UTRS) [pdf]
   IP multicasting forwarding vs IP routing
   traceiface [pdf]
   sample wget pcap [pcap]
   sample traceroute pcap (no options) [pcap]
   sample traceroute pcap (-q1) [pcap]
   sample traceroute pcap (-N1) [pcap]
   sample traceroute pcap (-q1N1) [pcap]
   sample telnet pcap [pcap]
   Homework 02 [txt]
   Quiz 02 [txt]

April 13, 2015
   Routing [pdf]
   Tracking Address Spoofing Through Triangulation [pdf]
   routing worksheet [txt]
   Homework 03 [txt]
   Quiz 03 [txt]

April 20, 2015
   Routing [pdf] (continued from 2014-04-13)
   routing worksheet [txt] (continued from 2014-04-13)
   BGP sample pcap [pcap]
   NO Homework 04
   Quiz 04 [txt]
   Midterm Review [txt]

April 27, 2015
   Midterm [txt]
   Alt-Midterm [txt] (for those absent for in-class midterm)
   Homework 05 [txt]
   NO quiz 05

May 04, 2015
   End-to-end Arguments in System Design
   Routing and Forwarding Integrity: Defenses to Common Challenges [pdf]
   A Sampling of Internetwork Security Issues Involving IPv6 [pdf]
   Experiences with Conficker C Sinkhole Operation and Analysis [pdf]
   Homework 06 [txt]
   Quiz 06 [txt]

May 11, 2015
   DNS [pdf]
   DNS Operational Realities [pdf]
   DNS Over TCP: A Rudimentary Textual Analysis [pdf]
   Linux VM installation
   Homework 07 [txt]
   Quiz 07a [txt]
   Quiz 07b [txt]

May 18, 2015
   DNS [pdf] (continued from 2015-05-11)
   DNS Operational Realities [pdf] (continued from 2015-05-11)
   DNS on Linux VM installation
   Homework 08 [txt]
   Quiz 08 [txt]

May 25, 2015
   University closed in observance of Memorial Day

June 1, 2015
   Miscellanea [pdf]
   Everyday Cryptography [pdf]
   Introduction to Shell and Perl Scripting for Network Operators [pdf]
   Homework 09 [txt]
   Final Review [txt]

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