ITS/IS PowerPoint Audio Narration

This tutorial shows you how to use PowerPoint to record audio narrations for a slide set. This web page was begun in February 2010 and is evolving with material on using PowerPoint to make effective presentations that can be submitted via Blackboard's Discussion Board for all students in a course to view. The intent here is to help distance learning students readily create presentations that other students can view on their own, as if each student was making the presentation to the others in a classroom. You can download the actual presentation viewable in segment 2 by
clicking here. Check back here to view any additional segments as this web page evolves.
Note: this download gives you a file with the suffix ".pps" rather than ".ppt". If you rename a slide set with .pps it becomes a "presentation" file that will start automagically when opened, and for an audio-annotated slide set, the presentation will run on its own. To edit such a slide set, simply rename it to have a .ppt suffix and it will open as an editable set in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Audio segment 1 (6.9 minutes)    
Getting Started: how to apply audio narration to a slide set

BB3 segment 2 (9.9 minutes)    
How the finished slide set appears when viewed using PowerPoint

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