ITS / IS Video Tutorial:
Slide Narration with Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media Encoder is a free program that makes it possible for instructors to record their audio narration of lecture slides and create a movie file that includes the slide images, your cursor pointer motion, and your voice. The resulting ".wmv" movie file is easily uploaded to YouTube or a similar hosting service and made accessible to students. The YouTube-hosted video can easily be embedded in Blackboard pages or a wiki to focus the attention of students. These five brief video tutorials show you how to do it, step-by-step:

    1. What audio-narrated slides look like (sample lecture)
    2. How to download and install the free Windows Media Encoder
    3. How to create a lecture slide movie file
    4. Uploading a lecture slide movie file to YouTube
    5. Embedding your video in Blackboard.

Segment 1 (3.8 minutes)
What an audio-annotated lecture slide file looks like

Segment 2 (9.5 minutes)
Locating, downloading, installing and testing Windows Media Encoder

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