A Quick YouTube Video Example

By definition, in a distance learning course students are somewhere else and they never really see the instructor or possibly even hear him or her! Comrades! We have to overcome this sorry situation! AND YOU CAN OVERCOME THIS, very easily with technology you probably already have. If you have any kind of recent-vintage laptop (either PC or Mac) it most likely has a small video camera aimed at the person who is using it. Visit www.YouTube.com and click on the "Upload" button and you can record from that camera directly to this phenomenally handy FREE video hosting site. Talk at the camera for one minute to introduce yourself, an assignment, a topic to be discussed in class, or a make a pep talk. The video and sound will be recorded right on the web site, and in a minute or two you can copy the "embed" code YouTube provides and drop it into your course Blackboard, Desire2Learn, or Moodle course web site and let your students see it. In fact put the video into an announcement right there on the first screen! YOU can have a presence in your distance learning class better than classroom lecture videos, better than still pictures, and as timely as the day's or hour's events. Here is a sample I made a few minutes ago (November 4, 2009 at 4:40 PM). Take a look and listen and learn!

View this quick video by clicking on the arrow in the middle of the frame below:

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