DePaul University ITS/IS Blackboard Training

This index page provides convenient access to videos created by Information Services' Instructional Technology Development Group (ITD) to supplement Blackboard documentation with contemporary training materials that facilitate Blackboard skill development. The videos accessible here are sound-annotated versions of the screen-shot slide materials we use in faculty training courses. Using the in-class slides as the basis for videos provides an additional resource for your review and reference. To make it easy to take notes as you view these instructional videos, you can download prints of the slides with room for notes in the form of .pdf files. The raw slides (no sound) from which the audio-annotated video presentations were developed are also available for download at the bottom of each web page.

  You can download slide images in 3-per-page format (.pdf) for note taking at this Adobe Reader symbol
You can download training videos in (zipped) .m4v format playable on an iPhone at this symbol

The darkened button links at the upper left of this screen are now available for your use. The material at the grayed-out links is in process of production and is scheduled to be completed by the end of August, 2009 or even sooner.

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