Example Course Web Site
Computer Science CSC-298 (Internship)

Jump to the bottom to see an extreme makeover of a Blackboard course home page!

Then take a 10-minute Windows Media Encoder-produced video "tour" of a modern Blackboard course web site incorporating a variety of sources for assigned readings, videos, discussion board, formal assignments with electronic submission, and online exercises. The course is structured into two-week modules and is suitable for face-to-face class support as well as pure distance learning modalities. All of the techniques you need to know to create a site like this are fully illustrated in the Blackboard training modules provided here in courses BB1 through BB5. And look at the Quick Video Example at the left!

Example course web site
This is a web site design model suitable for face-to-face or distance learning courses
(Take the 10-minute video tour directly below this high-resolution image of the Blackboard home page)

Take this video tour by clicking on the arrow in the middle of the frame below:

Do an extreme makeover of your course Blackboard web site home page:

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