ITD/IS BB4 Discussion Board

Tutorial BB4 is divided into 5 segments. The video segments are embedded here in this page for your convenience. A study guide carrying a printed picture of each screen in all six segments of this tutorial can be downloaded in .pdf form (4.5 Mb.) by
clicking here.

BB4 segment 1 (4.5 minutes)      
Uses of a Discussion Board, how to create a Discussion Board menu button

BB4 segment 2 (5.9 minutes)      
How to create a Discussion Forum

BB4 segment 3 (4.5 minutes)      
Creating discussion threads, and how students reply to threads

BB4 segment 4 (3.3 minutes)      
How to grade a Discussion Board Forum and post a grade comment

BB4 segment 5 (x minutes)      
Closing a discussion by making it read-only, changing forum sequence

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