ITS/IS BB2 Blackboard Grade Center - Part 1

Tutorial BB2 is divided into 6 segments. The video segments are embedded here in this page for your convenience. A study guide carrying a printed picture of each screen in all six segments of this tutorial can be downloaded in .pdf form (4 Mb.) by
clicking here.

Much of what an instructor does in the GradeCenter is for the benefit of students. Before starting this tutorial click here to download a screen shot of what students see at their My Grades menu button. This is how each student sees their own grades and your feedback to them in their My Grades button.

Training for the Blackboard version 8 GradeCenter is divided into two parts:

Tutorial BB2 forms GradeCenter Pt. 1, covering the use of the GradeCenter to post grades and feedback to students, which becomes visible at their My Grades button. An understanding of this is necessary to make use of formal (electronically-submitted) Assignments, the graded Discussion Board, and automatically-graded interactive exercises with feedback. Each of these functions places columns in the grade sheet in the GradeCenter.

Tutorial BB6 provides GradeCenter Pt. 2. BB6 covers how to use the GradeCenter with Total and Weighted Total formulas to have the GradeCenter compute course grades. These functions are not necessary in order to use formal Assignments, the graded Discussion Board, and interactive exercises, or manually-entered grade columns.

BB2 segment 1 (6.6 minutes)      
Instructor introduction, student view of grades

BB2 segment 2 (4.0 minutes)      
Navigating to the GradeCenter, eliminating unnecessary columns and Totals

BB2 segment 3 (10.2 minutes)      
Creating grade columns, resequencing columns on the grade spreadsheet

BB2 segment 4 (6.0 minutes)      
Posting grades, identifying students with lagging performance, Discussion Board grades

BB2 segment 5 (5.9 minutes)      
How an instructor receives and grades formal, electronically-submitted Assignments

BB2 segment 6 (8.3 minutes)      
Exercise grades, grade comments, changed grade flag, My Grades button, downloading grades

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