SYLLABUS  FOR  COBOL  203-21-901

Monday 5:45 - 9:00 PM,  Loop Campus,  Room Lewis 1209
Course homepage:

Summary of the course:
An introduction to programming in the business-oriented language COBOL.The latest version of COBOL (COBOL 85) is used.

The objectives of COBOL Programming (CSC 203) are:
    To cover batch processing concepts and techniques.
    To write COBOL 85 programs that read sequential data files, prepare reports,
        and write sequential output files
    To introduce and use Micro Focus ANSI 85 COBOL Compiler and Animator
        as the PC program development environment.

All programming assignments are coded using PC-based Micro Focus COBOL. This Software is installed on all the computers in all the DePaul student labs. Micro Focus COBOL may optionally be purchased if you wish to use your own PC for assignments.

Textbooks and printed resources:
    Structured COBOL Programming, 9th edition, Stern & Stern; ISBN 0-471-31881-7
    Micro Focus Personal COBOL (software) is an optional purchase. Micro Focus COBOL
        is installed on all the computers in all the DePaul student labs.

PC experience including familiarity with the Windows 95 environment; reading and writing text files; Internet access.

Notices Page:
A Notices Page is available through the course home page ( Students are expected to check this site regularly to obtain general information of importance pertaining to the class..

Programming assignments with complete instructions will be available on the Internet through the course homepage at Each assignment will have a specific due date. Any assignment submitted after that date will lose a portion of the credit assigned. Computers in the University Labs are equipped with Netscape and other browsers. Check the course homepage frequently for assignments and announcements.

A standard grading scale is used as follows:

Grade   Points Grade   Points Grade   Points
A   100 93 B-   82 80 D+  69 - 67
A-   92 90 C+  79 - 77 D    66 - 60
B+   89 87 C    76 73 F    59 - 0
B     86 83 C-  72 70  

50%    5 Programming Assignments 
25%    Midterm Exam at week 5 
25%    Final Exam at week 11

Week by week schedule (Subject to change: check course home page for up-dates)

Week 1 (April 1)
    Topics:     Overview of batch processing fundamentals; COBOL Programming Basics; Introduction 
                    to Micro Focus Development Environment
    Readings:  Stern and Stern Chapters 1 3; Sample Program Code handout;
                    Instructions for using Micro Focus Animator in the DePaul Labs
    Assignmt:  First Assignment issued

Week 2 (April 8)
    Topics:     Program logic; Report basics & headings, date, literals, edited output
    Readings:  Stern and Stern Chapter 4 & 6
    Assignmt:  First Assignment due, Second Assignment issued

Week 3 (April 15)
    Topics:     MOVE Basics, COBOL Arithmetic, Multi-Page Reports
    Readings:  Stern and Stern Chapter 7

Week 4 (April 22)
    Topics:     Decision Making Statements; Data Validation; Error Reports, Preview Exam
    Readings:  Stern and Stern Chapter 8 & 11
    Assignmt:  Second Assignment due, Third Assignment issued

Week 5 (April 29)
    Topics:     Miderm Exam; Coding Techniques; Structured Program Development
    Readings:  Stern and Stern Chapter 5

Week 6 (May 6)
    Topics:     Control Break Report Processing
    Readings:  Stern and Stern Chapter 10
    Assignmt:  Third Assignment due, Fourth Assignment issued

Week 7 (May 13)
    Topics:     Control Break Report Processing continued
    Readings:  Stern and Stern Chapters 12 & 9

Week 8 (May 20)
    Topics:     One and Two-Dimensional Tables, Internal & External; Table Processing
    Readings:  Stern and Stern Chapters 12 & 9
    Assignmt:  Fourth Assignment due, Fifth Assignment issued

Week 9 (May 27)
   Memorial Day holiday observed. School closed. No class.

Week 10 (June 3)
    Topics:    Table Processing continued; preview for final exam
    Readings:  Stern and Stern Chapters 12 & 9
    Assignmt: Fifth Assignment due

Week 11 (June 10)
    Topics:    Final Exam


The university and school policy on plagiarism can be summarized as follows: Students in this course, as well as all other courses in which independent research or writing play a vital part in the course requirements, should be aware of the strong sanctions that can be imposed against someone guilty of plagiarism. If proven, a charge of plagiarism could result in an automatic F in the course and possible expulsion. The strongest of sanctions will be imposed on anyone who submits as his/her own work a report, examination paper, computer file, lab report, or other assignment which has been prepared by someone else. If you have any questions or doubts about what plagiarism entails or how to properly acknowledge source materials be sure to consult the instructor.

An incomplete grade is given only for an exceptional reason such as a death in the family, a serious illness, etc. Any such reason must be documented. Any incomplete request must be made at least 2 weeks before the final, and approved by the Dean of the School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems. Any consequences resulting from a poor grade for the course will not be considered as valid reasons for such a request.