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Affective Reasoner personality models for automated tutoring systems

Clark Elliott
Institute for Applied Artificial Intelligence
School of Computer Science, Telecommunications, and Information Systems
DePaul University, South Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL 60604
email:, tex2html_wrap_inline305 elliott


Using robust artificial personalities in tutoring agents allows us to study the implementation constraints, effectiveness, and appealingness of social interaction between tutoring agents and students. That we have personality types that can effectively communicate emotion [Elliott1997], and have broad emotion reasoning capability [Elliott1992, Elliott1994, Elliott & Siegle1993a], allows us to explore a number of issues relating to the automated tutoring paradigm. In this short paper we explore a number of research areas made possible by the marriage of affective reasoning agents, and tutoring paradigms.

Clark Elliott
Wed Dec 17 18:41:50 EST 1997