Reflective Essay


Reflection on WRD 104...

    Upon entering class on the first day of my class in WRD 104, I was excited to be in the classroom setting again. After a long winter break, it was nice to stretch out my legs and set forth on a new quarter, and a new journey. However, I was not as ecstatic that the focus of this class was research papers and citations, rather free thought and ideas. Being a pretty opinionated person, I don’t always like to cite the ideas of others, especially if it contradicts with my own. I love to write, though, so I knew I must take whatever challenge this course threw at me with full force.

    The first project that we had was to observe a painting called The Girl With the Green Face. The painting completely fascinated me. I had no idea what it’s meaning was, and it had such sharp brush strokes that it was odd to me that it was a female figure. Everyone jumped to the conclusion that she was jealous because of the color green, but I found that there was so much more than that behind it. She didn’t look envious of anyone, but more misunderstood. Perhaps her outward appearance was a blockade to simply not let the outside world in. I thought that maybe people were more envious of her than she is of others. It was very difficult to find information on this author and on the painting, and that was the point Professor Moore was trying to make. Sometimes research isn’t as easy as just googling the painting’s name. Sometimes it takes much depth and understanding of the work to truly find out what it stands for, or does it even matter what it stands for?

    The next project that we had was to research and interpret Mother and Child by Pablo Picasso. This was a very interesting painting to me because even though I had seen so many Picasso paintings in my life, none had ever compared to this one. It was so different than most of his work. It was almost realistic. I did research on him during this area, and found out that he deeply cared about his mother. This explains the painting greatly. I believe that this painting grasps the blunt truths of motherhood. It is a tiring, full-time job that takes lots of work and can be extremely stressful. There is no fake depiction of never-ending love, because we all know that sometimes even moms need a break from reality.

    After the Pablo Picasso painting, it was on to more serious topics; topics that we ourselves chose. After writing a paper in WRD 103 about my feelings of woman in the work world, I decided that it would be perfect to do a follow-up paper on Feminism today as a research portion to my argument. I came across so much interesting information, it was hard for me to narrow down exactly what I wanted to focus my paper on. It was very hard for me to arrange all my thoughts when I had so many strong feelings towards the topic. I finally decided that in order to make my point in the most effective way, I would need to go back through history to show how it has transformed into what it is today. I completely fell in love with this paper. I loved writing it, learning about it, and everything in between. For one of the first times in my writing history, I finally felt like I was using research for a beneficial topic to myself. The paper turned out great, and I was very satisfied with it. It’s probably one of my favorite papers I have ever written. I plan on using it for future arguments that I will make on that topics or ones very similar.

    The last paper that was written in this class was on what books are for. The topic came up from the idea of going from actual paper books to all electronic books. This was all so interesting to me because while I was in this class, I was also in a class based around the novel The Name of the Rose, which is all about how precious books are, and how people back then stopped at nothing to keep knowledge away from the commoners. Now, there is an abundance of ways to receive knowledge that books are look on as more of liabilities than assets. Since I didn’t think that completely answered the question, I broke up the usage of books. I decided what I thought was appropriate for each different types of reading; whether it be for literature, for education, or for work. I believe that there are different practicalities for each of these types of books.

        For the last project, we were allowed to choose from many different ideas. I chose to do a multimodal project on the three main questions that must be answered in college: who am I? How did I become this way? What’s my purpose in life? These questions were much harder to answer than I had originally thought. It took me a lot of time to think through each of these questions, and I just filmed myself while I was doing this. I thought that it would give the project a raw edge to let the audience know exactly what comes to my mind when coming across these questions. I had a lot of fun making this video, and I enjoy looking at it from time to time for a quick laugh.

    All in all, WRD 104 was a much different experience than I had originally had in mind. I was challenged in a way that was extremely beneficial to me, and I enjoyed every moment of the class. I believe that I discovered a lot about myself and what it is I want out of this world. Who knew that you could get all of this out of a research-based writing class?