Knockin' Rock
What were some of the consequences for each "complained" "problem" ?

What do these examples of anti-rock activities have in common?

DO fill in some of the empty cells here?
When What style of rock/ artists What feature is focus of objection What problem this feature said to cause Who complained
mid-'50s rock'n'roll beat Teen promiscuity  
mid-'50s rock'n'roll musicians' ethnicity  Miscegenation White Citizen's Council ...
late-'50s rock and roll musicians' "lifestyle"-J.L.Lewis' 13 yr old wife../CBerry.. Role models for "degeneracy" in teens  
'60s folk music and rock lyrics Communism among youth conservative politicians
late '60s-early '70s psychedelic rock lyrics and musician's lifestyle Drug use: pot and acid conservative politicians
mid-70s '70s R&B, disco etc. lyrics Promiscuity Rev. Jesse Jackson
'85 heavy metal lyrics Suicide, satanism PMRC/ Christian-right Senate hearings and media campaign
'86 Dead Kennedys poster Obscene [kids]  
late '80s heavy metal songs by Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne lyrics --> subliminal verbal messages on records Suicide Religious-right wing prosecutors and parents of suicide teens into metal
1990-96 Rap  lyrics+ - obscene, misogynist, violent Fans will use this as basis to model their lanaguage, beliefs and behavior Christian-right (through local voting power & evangelical-based Prosecutors); Delores Tucker & Sen.C.M-Braun
1997 Marilyn Manson lyrics

stage show 


sexual perversion

Rev. Wildman
1999 "Hate Rock" lyrics hate crimes