DePaul Online Shannon, Donald S.

What is DePaul Online?

DePaul Online is a service which provides users with very low-cost, convenient access to: (1) the Internet and the World Wide Web, (2) DePaul's special library features and (3) special e-mail features.

Special library features:

Students can use DePaul's extraordinary computer research tools at home by using DePaul Online. (See the comments on the DePaul Library Research Tools.)

Special e-mail features:

The DePaul Online service includes a very user-friendly software package, called Eudora, for e-mail transmission.

A major advantage of using Eudora is that WORD and EXCEL documents can be attached to e-mails, effortlessly. (This is not true for the Shrike e-mail accounts.) Using Eudora, students working on group projects should be able to send spreadsheets and drafts of papers to one another with considerable ease and dispatch.

 How to get started:

The university has created a DePaul Online site which provides information about obtaining and using this service. At this site it is possible to submit an application electronically. Another way to get started is to drop by the Identification Card Services Department at 9700 in the DePaul Center, or SAC 182.

How to get help:

The university provides telephone assistance at 312-362-8765. Currently, assistance is available Monday through Friday, 8 AM to midnight, and Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM.