ACC541 ... Shannon, Donald S.


This site contains a copy of the syllabus and current information on grades.


  1. If you have questions please call (or e-mail). I don't check my e-mail frequently. The best way is to leave a voice message. My office number is 312-362-8358.
  2. If you leave a voice mail for me please start by: (i) stating your name, (ii) identifying the course you are in and, (iii) SLOWLY giving your phone number BEFORE beginning the message.
  3. If you send an e-mail to me please put the course identification and your name in the "Subject." [ ACC541, J. Doe ]
  4. I recommend you purchase a calculator with the present value functions included: [i%] [n] [PMT] [PV] [FV], and bring it to class.
  5. In addition to the regular text (Intermediate Accounting, Tenth Edition, by Kieso & Weygandt), the following book is also required for the course: Self-Study Problems/ Solutions Book Volume 1: Chapters 1-14.
  6. Serious accounting students should obtain a copy of the following orange paper-back sold in the Loop Bookstore - Gleim, I. N. and Collins, W. A. Financial Accounting: Objective Questions and Explanations, Gleim Publications, Inc. Work all the multiple-choice questions related to every chapter covered in class. (In the back of the Gleim text the questions are cross-indexed to the Kieso chapters.) This text also can be ordered from Gleim Publications by calling (800) 874-5346, or from the web (scroll down).