ACC500 ... Shannon, Donald S.


This site contains a copy of the syllabus, current information on grades, and the author's comments on certain lecture topics which time may not permit covering in class.


  1. If you have questions please call (or e-mail ... I don't check my e-mail frequently). The best way is to leave a voice message. My office number is 312-362-8358.
  2. If you leave a voice mail for me please start by: (i) stating your name, (ii) identifying the course you are in and, (iii) SLOWLY giving your phone number BEFORE beginning the message.
  3. If you send an e-mail to me please put the course identification and your name in the "Subject." [ ACC500, J. Doe ]
  4. I recommend you purchase a calculator with the present value functions included: [i%] [n] [PMT] [PV] [FV], and bring it to class.
  5. Some of you might be interested in the Needles Web Resources site.