Audio Documentary
MCS 373/541 + CMNS 509
Winter 2014
College of Communication

Tentative Course Schedule

9 Jan
  • Course Introduction
  • Learning to Use Recorders
  • Record Soundscapes
Internet Resources:
16 Jan
Required Reading:
  • Jessica Abel and Ira Glass, Radio: An Illustrated Guide

Internet Resources:

Project Proposal Due (both doc options)
23 Jan
Required Reading:
  • Sound Reporting (excerpts): Robert Siegel “Interviewing” and Robert Krulwich, “Conceiving Features”
  • Pro Tools Guide (PT_Guide PDF file)

    In Class:

    • Importing audio to Pro Tools
    • Soundscapes Editing and Burning
Internet Resources:
30 Jan
Required Reading:
  • Sound Reporting (excerpts): Scott Simon, “Writing for the Ear”
  • Daniel Makagon and Mark Neumann (Introduction and Ch. 1)”
Internet Resources:
6 Feb
Required Reading:
  • Robin White, “Getting Good Ambient Sound”
  • Daniel Makagon and Mark Neumann, Recording Culture (Ch. 2)
Internet Resources:
13 Feb
Required Reading: Internet Resources:
Short Audio Doc #1 Due
20 Feb
Required Reading:
  • Daniel Makagon and Mark Neumann, Recording Culture (Ch. 3)
Internet Resources:
Rough Tape Due (longer doc option) / Proposal Due (short doc #2 option)
21-23 Feb
    Short Doc project in Chicago with SLU students
27 Feb
Required Reading:
6 March
  • In-class listening
  • Production Day (bring sounds to edit)
Rough Draft of Script Due
7-9 March
    Short Doc project in St. Louis with SLU students
13 March
In Class Listening/Production Day (bring sounds to edit)
20 March
Final Projects and Scripts Due by 6:00PM (Presentations Optional)

Last Update: 6 January 2014
Send questions, comments, or reasonable suggestions to: Daniel Makagon