Introduction to Documentary Studies
MCS 231

College of Communication

Tentative Course Schedule

30 March
Internet Resources:
Documentary Film and Video
6 April

Required Reading:

  • Bill Nichols, "How Do Documentaries Differ From Other Types of Film?"
  • Liz Stubbs, Documentary Filmmakers Speak (excerpts)
Internet Resources:
13 April
Required Reading:
  • Michael Rabiger, "A Brief and Functional History of the Documentary"
  • Calvin Pryluck, “Ultimately We Are All Outsiders”

Internet Resources:

Literary Journalism
20 April
Required Reading:
  • Norman Sims, "The Art of Literary Journalism"
  • Hunter S. Thompson, "The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved"
Internet Resources:
27 April
Required Reading:
  • Mark Kramer, "Breakable Rules for Literary Journalists"
  • David Eggers, "Hitchhiker’s Cuba"

Internet Resources:

Family Interviews Due
4 May
Mid-term Papers Due
Audio Documentary
11 May
Required Reading:
  • Daniel Makagon and Mark Neumann, “Sonic Compositions”
Internet Resources:
18 May
Required Reading:
  • Jonathan Kern, “Sound and Stories”
  • Nieman Reports excerpts (pp. 6-21)
Internet Resources:
Documentary Photography
25 May
Required Reading:
  • Derrick Price, "Surveyors and Surveyed"
Internet Resources:
1 June
Required Reading:
  • Robert Coles, "Introduction"
Photography Presentations
9 June
Final Papers Due by 5:45 PM via email or to my mailbox or office (18th floor 14 E Jackson) with SASE

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