Explore Chicago: Underground Culture in Chicago
ISP 102
Liberal Studies

Tentative Course Schedule

9 September
16 September Required Reading:
  • Stephen Duncombe, “Zines”
Class Visit: Internet Resources:
23 September Class Visit: Internet Resources:
30 September Required Reading:
  • Thomas Frank, “Alternative to What?”
  • Malcolm Gladwell, “The Cool Hunt”
Internet Resources:
7 October

    Bohemia in History

Underground Cultural Spaces Essay Due
14 October Required Reading:
  • Steven Heller & Karrie Jacobs, Angry Graphics (Excerpts)
  • Hoss Jooten “Taking it to the Streets”
Class Visit:
  • Pilsen Mural Tour with Jose Guerrero
Internet Resources:
21 October

Guest Speaker:



Internet Resources:
Abstracts Due
28 October Required Reading:
  • Marshall Berman, “‘Justice/Just Us’: Rap and Social Justice in America”

Guest Speaker

Tim, Gravel Records

Amina, Urbanized Music

Internet Resources:

4 November Required Reading:
Zine Contribution Outline Due
11 November Zine Presentations/Graded Zines
18 November FINAL ZINE SITE DUE/Final Exams Due by 1:00PM 14 E. Jackon (18th Floor)

Last Update: 7 September 2009
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