Special Topics in Communication: The City at Night
CMNS 308
Department of Communication

Tentative Course Schedule

11 September Required Reading:
  • Course Introduction
Guardian Angels excursion

Internet Resources:
18 September Required Reading:
  • Murray Melbin, "Night as Frontier"
Chicago Transit Authority excursion

Internet Resources:
Reading Response for 9/18 readings due
25 September Required Reading:
  • Jeff Ferrell, Empire of Scrounge (excerpts)
Dumpster Diving excursion

Internet Resources:
2 October Required Reading:
  • Daniel Makagon, “The Vibe”
Brickyard with Greg Scott

Internet Resources:
Reading Response for 9/25 and 10/2 readings due
9 October Required Reading:
  • Mitchell Duneier, Sidewalk (excerpts)
Excursion with The Night Ministry

Internet Resources:
16 October

Required Reading:

Billy Goat Tavern with Rick Kogan

Internet Resources:

Mid-term Paper due
23 October Required Reading:
  • Sukhdev Sandhu, Night Haunts (excerpts)
  • Seth Kugel, “Children of the Night”

Internet Resources:
30 October Required Reading:
  • Christopher Dewdney, "First Night"
Excursion: Urban Improv with Dusty Goltz

Internet Resources:
Reading Response for 10/23 and 10/30 due
6 November Required Reading:
  • Paul Chatterton & Robert Hollands, Urban Nightscapes (excerpts)
Excursion Night Club

Internet Resources:
Reading Response for 11/6 readings due
13 November

Required Reading:

Research Week

20 November Final Paper Due

Last Update: 5 September 2008
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