Communication, Culture, & Community
CMN 205
Department of Communication

Tentative Course Schedule

28 March
    Course Introduction
2 April Required Reading:
  • David Eggers, "Serve or Fail"
Internet Resources:
4 April Required Reading:
  • Service Learning Coordinating Session
9 April Required Reading:
  • Robert Bellah, "Community Properly Understood"
  • Robert Putnam, "The Prosperous Community"
Internet Resources:
11 April Required Reading:
  • William Finnegan "The Unwanted"
16 April Required Reading:
  • Bellah et. al, "We Live Through Institutions"
  • Bellah et. al, "Ch. 1: Making Sense of It"
18 April Required Reading:
  • Sara Mosle, "The Vanity of Volunteerism"
  • "Time to Die: Epicenter Zone 1990-1999"
23 April Required Reading:
  • Mark Edmundson, "As Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students"
  • Earl Shorris, "As a Weapon in the Hands of the Restless Poor"
25 April Required Reading:
  • Ray Oldenburg, "The Problem of Place in America"

Internet Resources:

30 April Required Reading:
  • TBA
Mid-term Paper Due
2 May Required Reading:
  • Stephen Doheny-Farina, "Virtual Vermont"
Internet Resources:
7 May Service Learning Day/Conferences
9 May Required Reading:
  • "Children of the Cul-de-Sac"
  • Walter Kirn, "Crack Country"
14 May Required Reading:
  • Michael Pollan, "Town-Building is No Mickey Mouse Operation"
  • Jayson Blair, "Failed Disney Vision"
Internet Resources:
16 May Required Reading:
  • Mary Rogan, "Please Take Our Children Away"
21 May Service Learning Day/Conferences
23 May Required Reading:
  • Peter Marin, "Helping and Hating the Homeless"
Internet Resources:
28 May Memorial Day
30 May Required Reading:
  • Mike Davis, "Empty Quarter"
Internet Resources:
4 June Required Reading:
  • James Carey, "A Republic, If You Can Keep It"
  • Class Review
Internet Resources:
11 June Final Journals Due

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