By Mary Grigar

An autobiography of a gifted woman who also has dyslexia, but prefers to call it a unique learning style. This book is a must for parents, teachers, therapists and counselors, and adults with learning disabilities.

Mary's enthusiasm and positive outlook have shown hundreds of parents and children with learning disabilities there can be light at the end of the tunnel. She managed to overcome the ridicule, anxieties and daily putdowns so common to these youngsters. Her energy and endurance are an inspiration to those trying to help children who learn differently." Mary Cotter, Parent of an LD child

"A tearful and enlightening journey through a life we would not otherwise appreciate. It is a success story." Sr. Alma Messing, Programs Assistant, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL

"Unique in a special way continues to be a description of Mary. Through her self discovery and persistent endeavors to understanding her unique styles for learning and living, you will learn and experience her emergence as a model learning disabled adult!" Robert E. Abbott, Retired Associate Superintendent of Schools, Waukegan, Illinois, and Member on Board of Directors Learning Disabilities Association of America


"This book was written for all children who have been misunderstood, abused, or battered that they might have hope, and for parents and teachers who love them, but haven't understood."

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"1 have heard said that 'Experience is the best teacher.' This book provides powerful experiences which are the best for teachers. Particularly for teachers who want to refresh their awareness of how varied are the learning pathways that children follow. I hope that all teachers will read this book and share these experiences." Dr. Patricia S. Charlier, College of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago, Emerita

"I read through your manuscript with considerable interest. It's an important story and 1 think many people would find it well worth reading." Andrew M. Greeley, Author and Professor of Social Science, University of Chicago