Black Metropolis
The Last Half Century


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Background information

Afro American Web Ring

The Afro American Web Ring contains a vast assortment of African American related web sites.


A community profile provided by the Centers For New Horizons.

Bronzeville Community Home Page

This page features community members, program developers, and researchers in Bronzeville.

Chicago Renaissance

1932-1950. A flowering of African American culture. Images and documents from the Vivan G. Harsh Research Collection.

Chicago's Black Metropolis

Provided by Teaching with Historic Places, Chicago's Black Metropolis: Understanding History Through a Historic Place considers how one of the most remarkable internal population movements in U.S. history affected one city.

Day in the Life of Bronzeville

In this mini website from the Elliott Donnelley Youth Center, you will find day to day accounts of the old and the young, art and story of the people who live in Bronzeville.

Fly Away - the Great Migration

An informational page highlighting the movement of African Americans from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago.

Jazz Institute of Chicago

The Jazz Institute of Chicago is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of jazz in all its forms.

Organizations & Businesses

The Hoop Institute

The Hoop Institute is a not-for-profit research, service, and educational organization committed to improving the lives of working people in disenfranchised communities of color (African American, Latino, Asian, Native American) and poor white ethnic. The institute seeks to develop a thorough understanding of the factors that act as a barrier to the growth and development of these communities.

Bronzeville Historical Society

The Bronzeville/Black Chicagoan Historical Society is dedicated to the discovery and celebration of African American History and culture in Chicago.

BronzevilleOnline a community-based website was developed for residents, businesses, civic and social insitutions and visitors to the Bronzeville community.

Chicago Housing Authority

The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) has played a key role in providing housing options for low and moderate income residents in the city of Chicago.

Photo gallery

Chicago Landmarks - African-American Tour

This tour presents many landmarks that played an important role in Chicago African-American communites.

National Arcives and Records Administration

Pulitzer Prize winner John H. White's photos of Chicago.

Remembering Harold

Harold Washington photograph gallery containing over 100 photographs of this former Mayor of Chicago.

Tour Black Chicago - Street Scene

Tour Black Chicago provides an expedition through a town where the Black population has grown from 77 to 2 plus million.

Population and Demographics

Metro Chicago Information Center

The MCIC is an independent non-profit research organization committed to increasing the quality, quantity and accessibility of information about human conditions in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Research Centers & Institutes

Douglas/Grand Boulevard the past and the promise

An informational site created by the Chicago Historical Society, a privately endowed, independent institution devoted to collecting, interpreting, and presenting the rich multicultural history of Chicago and Illinois.

Chicago Public Library

Chicago Public Library serves as a place of lifelong learning; a research center; and a source of literature, information and enrichment for the people of Chicago.

Chicago Bee Branch

Hall Branch

King Branch

Woodson Regional Library

DuSable Museum of African-American History

The only major independent institution in Chicago established to preserve and interpret the historical experiences and achievements of African-Americans.

Illinois Institute of Technology and Community Development

The primary responsibilities of IIT were to develop and maintain a database of physical development projects and human capacity building programs in the target area (22nd to 51st streets, State street to Cottage Grove ).

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