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DePaul Biological Sciences Graduate Program
faculty & staff
Many faculty in the department maintain supplementary on-line materials on their teaching and research. Please visit the faculty member's Web site to explore these areas.
Rima Barkauskus, M.Sc, Laboratorian
Joanna S. Brooke, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario

Microbiology; cell surfaces

Stanley A. Cohn, Ph.D.  Professor, University of Colorado

Cell biology; physiological ecology of diatoms

John V. Dean, Ph.D. Professor and Chair, University of Illinois

Plant biochemistry

Ronald Edwards, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor, University of Florida

Evolution; adaptations of mammalian reproduction

Phillip E. Funk, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Loyola University Medical Center

Immunology; microbiology; B-lymphocyte development

Richard Hudson, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Univ. of Arizona Origin of life; evolution of microorganisms
Dorothy Kozlowski, Ph.D. Associate Professor, University of Texas-Austin

Neurobiology; gene therapy 

Anthony Ippolito, Ph.D.., Adjunct Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia

Evolution; plant systematics; floral evolution
Telesia Jones , Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth E. LeClair, Ph.D.  Associate Professor, University of Chicago

Developmental biology, epidemiology, evolution

James F. Masken, Ph.D.  Adjunct Professor, Colorado State University

Endocrinology, histology, physiology, toxicology, veterinary medicine

Dennis A. Meritt, Jr., Ph.D. Adjunct Professor, University of Illinois

Ecology of neotropical mammals; avian biology

Talitha T. Rajah, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Osmania University, India Cancer biology, environmental estrogens, genetic toxicology
Kenshu Shimada, Ph.D. Associate Professor, University. of Illinois-Chicago

Vertebrate paleontology; comparative anatomy

Margaret E. Silliker, Ph.D. Associate Professor, University. of California-Berkeley

Mycology; molecular biology; genetics

Pamela Skoubis, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, University of California - Los Angeles Neuroscience; functional brain imaging; behavioral neuropharmacology
Timothy C. Sparkes, Ph.D. Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

Behavior and population ecology of aquatic organisms

Dr. Sam Suhail, Adjunct Professor
Stephen Traphagen, M.Sc., Laboratorian
Jonathan Yates, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor, Univ. of Cincinnati Neurobiology; molecular Biology; drug addiction