Asian Studies Partnership:
Business and Economic Relationships with Asia
Since the Asian Economic Crisis



With the ever-increasing growth of Asian economies, and the impacts and roles that Asian countries are playing in the global economy, today’s college and university students will need knowledge and preparation to relate to the various Asian and Pacific business environments.  This Asian Studies Partnership will concentrate on collecting resources that help fill those needs, ranging from works that describe the business and economic landscape of the region since the Asian Economic Crisis, to works that prepare students to communicate effectively, in both linguistic and cultural contexts.  The partnership will also incorporate social and political aspects that will undoubtedly shape the economic picture of the region and the world, particularly including the relationships of religions to culture and the possibilities for peace throughout the region.

The collapse of economies throughout Asia during the years of 1997-1999 marked a watershed moment in world history.  The impacts of the economic crisis and the fiscal and exchange policies that led to the crisis revealed how interdependent individual economies throughout the world had become with respect to Asian economies. Additionally, while many countries experienced difficult economic conditions, this era also saw the emergence of China as a global economic powerhouse, somewhat bolstered by the transfer of Hong Kong from British rule.

Who Will Benefit?

This partnership will benefit library users throughout the state, particularly students and professors in Asian Studies and International Business programs doing research or planning to study abroad.  The resources selected will also benefit community businesses and decision makers who will need to keep up with changing economic landscape.  Additionally, through interlibrary loan and existing reciprocal borrowing relationships, public library users will gain access to valuable resources on Asian culture and business practices, resources that the public will need to remain informed and integrated in the global culture.

Each participating institution has experienced an increased emphasis on Asian Studies, including new courses and revamped curricula, international experiences and exchange programs.  Thus, this proposal fits well with the theme of “Access and Collections That Keep Pace with Curriculum and Technology.  This proposal will enhance curricular goals for Asian Studies by establishing an enhanced statewide collection of current language-learning resources, by answering the questions of how Asian countries have recovered from the economic crisis of the early nineties, and by identifying the cultural and economic impacts that these countries will have and are having on the global economy.

Cost and Funding Plan

Each participating library (see below) has provided a narrative that will guide selection and purchase decisions for each institution.  Selections will predominantly be books, with some libraries including videos or DVDs, maps, and other resources. 

Participants will cover the costs of processing, equipment for housing, cataloging, and maintenance of materials purchased with CARLI Award funds.

Participants will encumber or expend at least 33% of received funds by December 31, 2007; 67% by March 31, 2008; and 100% by June 30, 2008.

Participants will include a statement of ongoing support and commitment to continued purchasing in selected subject areas following the completion of this award.

Expandability and Adaptability of the Proposal

This proposal serves as an expansion of the previously funded “Global Business Partnership.”  Three of the participating institutions from that group, College of DuPage, North Central College, and Northern Illinois University, are together in this proposal to address an area that has continued to dominate the global economic picture.  This proposal, if successfully funded, could be expanded in future years through inclusion of additional participants or by focusing on specific industries.  Also, as the topic continues to grow, the web site developed for this project could be expanded to serve as a bibliography of the statewide Asian business collection.

Plan of Operation

Each library will incorporate the use of selection and collection analysis tools whenever possible, such as, but not limited to OCLC’s WorldCat Collection Analysis, Resources for College Libraries, and Bowker’s Book Analysis System

Each library will share its list of titles with other participants to prevent duplication of selections. These selections will be posted on a web site for the partnership for use by libraries and patrons.  Additionally, partners will minimize duplication of library holdings within one-hour’s drive of another CARLI member library.   If a selected resource is regarded as essential by an academic review source, and holdings are limited in the state, duplication between partners would be acceptable.

Each library will fully catalog purchased materials in OCLC WorldCat and in local catalogs.  Holdings will include a note indicating that the item was purchased for this partnership and should include a link to the group web site for location of partnership purchases at other libraries.  All purchased materials will be cataloged and shelf-ready within six (6) months of receipt.  All purchased materials will be available for circulation by direct borrowing and interlibrary loan to all CARLI libraries and valid statewide borrowers.

Each library will publicize the receipt of the award and the availability of new materials to their local academic and public communities.  Each library should also share the information about selections at partner libraries to emphasize that the collection effort is happening at a state-wide level.

The partnership coordinator will submit an article on the partnership’s focus and selections to the ILA Reporter and to the regional library systems following the conclusion of purchasing.  In addition to promoting the selections made and the enhancement of the state-wide collection, broad promotion will serve to better advertise how Illinois academic libraries serve broader communities and complement other library collections in the state. 

North Central College and Northern Illinois University will share last copy responsibilities for the materials purchased with this award, and each will consider handling last copies for materials related to their specified areas.  The last copy focus for North Central College will be East Asia, comprising China, Japan and Korea; Northern Illinois University’s last copy focus will be Southeast Asia.

Evaluation and Reporting on Progress

Each participant will submit periodic reports to the project coordinator outlining progress in selection and purchasing.  In addition to the encumbrance deadlines specified above, participants will report on challenges and successes on the following time table. 

Reporting deadlines:

June 30, 2008              Expenditure of funds; report on status to project coordinator.

July 31, 2008               Report on success of selection, difficulties in subject area, response to initial publicity; due to project coordinator.

Aug. 31, 2008              Project summation report, prepared by project coordinator, due to CARLI.

Dec. 31, 2008              Project participants report on follow-up selections and on-going response to publicity and availability of project resources.

Mar. 31, 2009              Project participants begin compiling final analysis of project successes and difficulties.

May 31, 2009              Participants submit final reports to project coordinator.

June 30, 2009              Project coordinator submits combined final report to CARLI

Participants will measure the effectiveness of selection using circulation statistics, including on-campus circulation, use in local course reserves, and use by interlibrary loan and reciprocal borrowers.  Effectiveness will also be provided using analyses of collection strengths, measured at the beginning and end of the collection award. 

Additionally, participants will share publicity on resources collected and news on the public response to collection efforts.  Additional reports and postings on the web site will highlight purchases made in ongoing support of the collection areas.  The project coordinator will also report on hits to the partnership web site as a means of acknowledging external recognition of the cooperative effort.


College of DuPage Library -- Asian Economic Topics: India, Japan, and the Pacific Islands

DePaul University Libraries -- China: Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Holman Library, McKendree College -- Japan, China, Korea: International Business Relations within Selected Industries

Milner Library, Illinois State University * -- Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand: Economic and Business Culture Topics

Oesterle Library, North Central College -- Language and Communications in China and Japan

Founders Memorial Library, Northern Illinois University -- Peace, Politics, and Religious and Cultural Studies in Southeast Asia

* Host library contact:  Ted Schwitzner