Asian Studies Partnership:
Business and Economic Relationships with Asia
Since the Asian Economic Crisis

Institution:   College of DuPage
Bibliographer:   Dan Blewett
Collection Focus:  
Asian Economic Topics: India, Japan, Pacific Islands

The Library purchased books to support its collection of materials on economic and business topics related to India, Japan, and the Pacific Islands.  This would include, but not be restricted to, the subjects of economic history, political economy, economic geography, foreign aid, consumer electronics, and consumer culture/behavior.

The College of DuPage Library has reciprocal borrowing agreements with Elmhurst College, Benedictine University, North Central College, and Wheaton College, making it easy for their students and faculty to borrow these materials directly from COD.  Library patrons or students of the other colleges can become College of DuPage Library borrowers if they reside within Community College District 502. Members of the general public who hold College of DuPage library cards will also be able to borrow these materials. All items purchased are fully cataloged and listed in OCLC WorldCat international union catalog and available to all state residents through the standard interlibrary loan channels. The Library has also established a separate partnership with the Arlington Heights Public Library, Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin, Skokie Public Library, and the Elgin Community College, whereby a union catalog of holdings of these institutions has been created, providing library users with easy and convenient access to materials from these libraries.

Titles ordered:

Adams, F. Gerard. Accelerating Japan's Economic Growth: Resolving Japan's Growth Controversy. New York:   
        Routledge, 2008.

Asian Economic Cooperation and Integration: Progress, Prospects, and Challenges. Manila, Philippines: Asian
        Development Bank, 2005.

Assessing the Impact of Transport and Energy Infrastructure on Poverty Reduction.  Manila, Philippines: Asian
        Development Bank, 2005.

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        American Development Bank, 2003.

Dutta, Soumitra and Irene Mia. The Global Information Technology Report, 2006-2007: Connecting to the Networked
        Economy. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.

Gillett, R.D. Tuna: a Key Economic Resource in the Pacific Islands. Manila, Philippines: Asian Development Bank, 2001.

Growth, Development and Poverty Alleviation in the Asia-Pacific. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2007.

Gupta, S.P. Globalisation, Economic Reforms and Employment Strategy in India. New Delhi: Academic Foundation,

Harmony and Development: ASEAN-China Relations. Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific, 2007.

Hsu, Cathy H.C. Casino Industry in Asia Pacific: Development, Operation, and Impact. New York: Haworth Hospitality
        Press, 2006.

India in a Globalising World: Some Aspects of Macroeconomy, Agriculture and Poverty: Essays in Honour of C.H. Hanumantha Rao. New Delhi : Academic Foundation in collaboration with Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad, 2006.

Industrial Policy, Innovation and Economic Growth: the Experience of Japan and the Asian NIEs. Singapore: Singapore University Press, National University of Singapore, 2001.

Japanese Business Dictionary.

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        Oxford University Press, 2007.

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Millar, Roderick. Doing Business with India. London: GMB, 2007.

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        Development Bank, 2002.

Overcoming Vulnerability to Rising Oil Prices: Options for Asia and the Pacific. Bangkok, Thailand: UNDP Regional Centre in Bangkok, 2007.

The Oxford Companion to Economics in India. New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 2007.

Pacific Islands Regional Integration and Governance. Canberra: Asia Pacific Press at the Australian National Unuiversity, 2005.

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        Science Publishers, 2007.

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        Publishers, 2007.

Services and Economic Development in the Asia-Pacific. Burlington, Vt.: Ashgate, 2007.

Shenoy, P.D. Globalization: Its Impact on Industrial Relations in India.  Elgin, IL: New Dawn Press, 2006.

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        Information Technology in Japan, the US and Germany. New York: Routledge, 2007.

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        Industry. Singapore: NUS Press, 2007.